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A Roadmap For Cancer Caregivers


It brings all of us at the Raymond Foundation great joy to introduce our Cancer Caregiver Action Plan.  Creating the Action Plan was a sincere labor of love, understanding first-hand the many challenges and varying emotions that cancer caregivers face every day. 

The Cancer Caregiver Action Plan was developed based on conversations with fellow caregivers who asked for a way to ‘pay it forward’ – a way to help other caregivers by providing real world perspective and insight into the caregiver journey.  Throughout the Action Plan you’ll see their stories and words of encouragement illustrating practical advice to help make the caregiving experience a little easier.  We are sincerely grateful to all the caregivers who contributed to the Action Plan.

It is our hope that the information our Cancer Caregiver Action Plan provides will help make a meaningful difference and serve as a roadmap for cancer caregivers as they support their loved one throughout the cancer journey.  

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