Finding My Greater Purpose Through Patient Advocacy


Martha Raymond, Founder/CEO of the Raymond Foundation is now a contributing author for CURE magazine. Martha's first published article journals her thirty year career as a patient advocate, and is dedicated to Martha's parents, Margaret & Patrick.

Losing both my parents when I was so young led me to what would become my life’s purpose. Advocating for patients with cancer became my motivation and my mission.

Recently while speaking at a cancer survivorship conference, I mentioned in my prepared remarks that I had been a patient advocate for individuals with cancer for over thirty years. Several younger audience members smiled wide-eyed when I mentioned this, and I am pretty sure they realized that I’d been advocating for patients with cancer since before they were born.

As an eternal optimist with a glass half-full personality, I realized immediately that while I may have been slightly older than some attendees at the conference, my experience and lessons learned from decades of advocacy work could provide insight and perspective for the next generation of cancer advocates.

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